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Angels and Demons

Today, DEAD HARVEST gets a little left-coast love, courtesy the Los Angeles Review of Books: "Chris F. Holm’s genre-transmogrifying debut, Dead Harvest, is among the most adventurous crime titles to appear this year. It’s sort of a supernatural hit-man story, with a wrong-guy, lovers-on-the-run, end-of-the-world, action sci-fi twist — an ambitious mash-up that twists, contorts, recasts, and revives umpteen different archetypes. The only thing crazier than Holm’s vision is the fact that he actually pulls it off." Thanks, Cullen, for the kind words!

Shotgun Honey and Library Journal

Today, I'm over at Shotgun Honey, talking all things Sam Thornton and beyond with Ron Earl Phillips. I was wracked with fever-chills the whole interview long, so there's an even chance I said some crazy shit. Also, Library Journal just took a peek at DEAD HARVEST. Their verdict? "Blending urban fantasy with noir mystery, Holm's debut is a dark, moody tale of fallen heroes in the modern world. Fans of Jim Butcher's 'Dresden Files' books, Tanya Huff's 'Blood' novels, and Larry Correia's 'Monster Hunter' series should enjoy discovering a promising new author."

What Ho, Old Bean? DEAD HARVEST is Now Out in the UK (and Elsewhere)!

Okay, fine, all my Britishisms were lifted from Bertie Wooster (as my editor, Marc Gascoigne, can attest). But still, DEAD HARVEST has officially gone international! Look around. Are people speaking English? (If it takes a sec to figure that out, you may well be in Scotland.) Then you should be able to walk into your finest book emporium and buy my book! Why should you buy my book? Well, howsabout I let Jed Ayres of Barnes and Noble's Ransom Notes blog tackle that one: "Can you afford to get lost in a good book this week? No? Then I strongly suggest you avoid Chris F. Holm’s debut DEAD HARVEST. Seriously, back away from the book, 'cause it’ll grab you." Thanks, Jed!