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THE BIG REAP is Now Available!

As I type this, THE BIG REAP has been out in the world for going on twenty hours. I can't tell you how thrilled I am folks will finally get a chance to read it, or how bowled over I am by the support of my friends and fans on social media, who've made this book release one to remember. Thanks, all. It means a ton. In honor of today's book launch, I embarked upon a BIG REAP Release Day Blogstravaganza (trademark pending). For those who missed the links flying fast and furious on Twitter, Facebook, and Google+, flip the table and duck behind it, 'cause here come the bullets: COUNTRY HARDBALL author/debonair man-about-town Steve Weddle was kind enough to interview me about all things Collector-y at Do Some Damage Hugo Award-winning author and all-around lovely person Mary Robinette Kowal graciously had me by her blog to discuss my favorite bit about THE BIG REAP Stephen Blackmoore, the evil genius behind CITY OF THE LOST and DEAD THINGS, let me crash his blog-space t

Mmmm... Meat

THE BIG REAP was featured today at Criminal Element, as part of their Fresh Meat series. Click through to see what author/blogger/kickass-hat-wearer Neliza Drew had to say. (Spoiler alert: she seemed to really like it.)