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The Stalker's Guide to Finding Chris (and Katrina) at B'con 2023

Yea verily, I am pleased, for Bouchercon 2023 is nearly upon us! If you, too, are San Diego-bound, here's where you can find me—and, more importantly, my better third by weight : Crime & Punishment: Prison, Death, and Other Ways to Deal with the Antagonists Thursday, August 31 12:45 to 1:35 PM w/R.G. Belsky, John C. Foster, James Hankins, Rob Hart, and Sarah Tomlinson (m) Readers Panel: Book Clubs, Blogs, Reviewing, and Reading Thursday, August 31 12:45 to 1:35 PM Rich Ehisen, Larry Gandle, Katrina Niidas Holm, Kristopher Zgorski, and Lisa Benton (m) The eagle-eyed among you may have noticed that Katrina and I are scheduled opposite each other. That's right: it's in an honest-to-God, no-holds-barred Spaceholm* Thunderdome! Truth is, I'm bummed I'll miss her panel, because I'm sure it'll be a kick, and I'm even more bummed she'll miss mine, because sneaking peeks at her is the only way I can ever tell if I'm blathering like an idiot. That sai