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A Whole Bunch of Big News

A little over a year ago, my longtime agent and I parted ways. To say the months since have been a thrill ride would be an understatement. Thing is, I've been unable to talk about any of it... until today. I'm now represented by David Gernert of The Gernert Company . Formerly Doubleday's Editor-in-Chief, David represents some of the most talented authors in the business, including John Grisham, Peter Straub, and Stewart O'Nan. In addition to being a joy to work with, his keen editorial eye has pushed me to up my game, and my writing is better for it. Which (with an assist from Publishers Marketplace, who broke this news yesterday) brings me to part two of this announcement-slash-confessional: Mulholland Books  just bought world rights to my thriller, THE KILLING KIND, in a pre-empt two-book deal. All authors claim they're huge fans of their publisher's books, and some of 'em are blowing smoke, but I will swear upon a stack of Raymond Chandler novels t

Maine Calling

Northern New Englanders: Tune in to MPBN's Maine Calling this Tuesday, April 8, from 12PM-1PM to hear me chat about crime writing with fellow Maine scribes Paul Doiron and Julia Spencer-Fleming (as well as host Jennifer Rooks)! For those outside the listening radius, you can stream the show live on MPBN's website, or check it out at your leisure once it's archived.