"Hendricks is a brilliant study in gray morality."
-Barnes & Noble

Anthony Award-Winning Series

Also Nominated for the Barry, Lefty, and Macavity Award

Michael Hendricks kills people for money. That aside, he’s not so bad a guy. Once a covert operative for a false-flag unit of the U.S. military, Hendricks was presumed dead when a mission in Afghanistan went sideways. He's since left behind his old life—and beloved fiancée—and set out on a path of redemption (or maybe willful self-destruction), ridding the world of other hitmen.

Mulholland Books, September 2015
Michael Hendricks: Book One

A New York Times Editors' Choice

Winner of the 2016 Anthony Award for Best Novel

Michael Hendricks is a hitman who only hits other hitmen. For ten times the price on your head, he’ll make sure whoever’s coming to kill you winds up in the ground instead. It's not a bad way for a guy with his skill-set to make a living—but it's an even better way to make himself a target. (More)


 Mulholland Books, September 2016
Michael Hendricks: Book Two

A Boston Globe Best Book of 2016

Nominated for the 2017 Anthony Award for Best Novel

When viral video of a terrorist attack in San Francisco reveals that a Federal witness long thought dead is still alive, the organization he’d agreed to testify against will stop at nothing to put him in the ground. (More)

(UK): The Book Depository

If you've read the books already and you're looking for another fix (or you haven't yet because you're not sure if they're your cup of tea) be sure to check out the digital Hendricks short, "The Approach." It's available in a variety of formats for the bargain-basement price of $0.99, courtesy of the fine folks at Mulholland Books.