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"Sweet #$%#ing Mother of #$#@%!" Or, "An Announcement"

Dear Everyone Ever: If the interwebs are to be believed, it would seem I have a book deal . Not only a book deal, but a two-book deal. Not only a two-book deal, but a two-book deal with one of the hottest publishers in all of speculative fiction. (Yes, I'm aware that if the interwebs are really to be believed, the world is going to end on Saturday. Which would be a bummer, because I've been assured on many nonconsecutive occasions that I do, indeed, really for-seriously actually have a book deal, and that this isn't some kind of elaborate prank.) Said book deal, for those who've yet to click through (quite possibly due to the same baffling paralysis that struck me upon hearing the news, which, in addition to greatly hindering my jumping up and down, also prompted me to exclaim to my agent, " I CAN'T FEEL MY FACE! ") is with Angry Robot . If you're not familiar with them, well, you should be. They've been amassing accolades left and right since thei

"The Hitter" Nominated for an Anthony!

It's been a good day. So good, in fact, I forgot to blog about it until it was almost over. Today, "The Hitter" was nominated for an Anthony Award. "The Hitter" first appeared in Needle: A Magazine of Noir, and is scheduled to appear in THE BEST AMERICAN MYSTERY STORIES 2011, edited by Harlan Coben and Otto Penzler. Thanks to Steve and John at Needle. Thanks also to crack Bouchercon organizer and official nomination announcer-guy Jon Jordan. But most of all, thanks to everyone who put my name down on your Anthony ballots; you have my eternal gratitude. And congrats to all my fellow nominees!

Kat Debuts on Criminal Element!

Some of you know my lovely wife through her Twitter feed. Others from her mystery reviews at The Season, or on her blog, The Maine Suspect . (If you don't, that's fine; I can wait while you go bookmark them.) But it seems the missus has fallen in with a dodgy crowd of late. A Criminal Element , as it were. Peep her inaugural post here . And keep an eye out; there's more to come. (No, really. Particularly on account of today's post kinda sorta used to be half of a Katrina Niidas Holm double-feature.) UPDATE, May 3: Boom: Part Two . (Or one, or whatever it is. This crazy post-splitting thing is getting tougher to follow than Inception.)