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Portrait of the Artist as a Gun Nut

"Do you love guns? (I don't, but apparently Chris Holm does.) You'll meet all kinds of guns here and find out all sorts of things about them." That quote came from an Amazon Vine review for my upcoming novel, THE KILLING KIND . It was a lovely review—five-star, in fact—and its author included it as part of a list she was inspired to write about the Top Ten Things That Are Great About THE KILLING KIND. My intention in this post isn't to criticize the author of that review. I'm delighted that she enjoyed THE KILLING KIND, and doubly delighted she found my firearm details convincing and educational, because I worked hard to get them right. But the fact is, I don't love guns, and given the staggering numbers of gun deaths in America every year , I wonder why so many do. It's not that I don't understand their appeal. My father and his family are hunters. My mother's family, cops. I was raised to respect firearms, and I've shot my share of

Booklist and Publishers Weekly on THE KILLING KIND

I'm delighted to report this latest batch of reviews (and BONUS Literary Agent Mention!) for THE KILLING KIND . First, there's this review from Publishers Weekly , which declares THE KILLING KIND "a diverting, action-packed story interspersed with excellent character vignettes." (They also say "Holm carries off a preposterous plot with brazen aplomb," which I am choosing to take as a compliment.) Booklist recently reviewed THE KILLING KIND as well. Their site, alas, is paywalled, but here's a pull-quote I've selected for you COMPLETELY AT RANDOM AND NOT AT ALL BECAUSE   IT MAKES ME SOUND AWESOME:  "Holm’s action scenes are breathtaking whirlwinds, and even when readers know what’s next, he builds an improbable level of suspense." In other news, if I ever write a memoir, I think I'll title it BREATHTAKING WHIRLWINDS OF BRAZEN APLOMB. Oh! Right! I almost forgot the BONUS Literary Agent Mention, courtesy of Jessica Faust of Bookend