Saturday, October 30, 2010

8 POUNDS Update

My Kindle short story collection 8 POUNDS: EIGHT TALES OF CRIME, HORROR, AND SUSPENSE has been out two weeks now, and in that time, it's garnered some fantastic reviews. Reviews like this one over at I Meant to Read That:
You will never get such a wonderful collection of gems again at such a bargain price, so what are you waiting for? Hit that button and download it now...
And like this one, by the lovely Elizabeth A. White, who went an extra dozen or so miles by not only posting the review on her fantastic book blog, but also on Amazon, Shelfari, Goodreads, and! (Side note: if ever I run for public office, I want Elizabeth to manage my campaign, 'cause damn.)
In 8 POUNDS: EIGHT TALES OF CRIME, HORROR, AND SUSPENSE Holm serves up eight wonderfully entertaining short stories that will have you up late into the night reading, and leave you hungry for more.
Meanwhile, over at Amazon, Lauren Winters writes:
[...]$.99 is a criminally small price to pay for this stellar collection.
And Steve Weddle, ace editor of Needle Magazine, has this to say:
When you're twenty-seven deep in line at his ninth book signing, you'll still remember these stories. They're THAT good.
I couldn't be happier at how warmly 8 POUNDS has been received, and each and every person who's taken the time to read, review, or hype it (like Hilary Davidson, John Hornor Jacobs, and a whole host of fantastic folks on Twitter) has my sincere gratitude.

So... wanna see what all the fuss is about? Pop on over to Amazon and give it a download. You do have an Amazon account, don't you? Of course you do; everybody does. And really, that's all you need. Won't take but a sec to download a free Kindle app to your computer or mobile device (there's even a handy link to do so in Amazon's sidebar), and then not only can you get my book on the cheap, you can also pick up some fantastic free fiction like, say, the complete works of Edgar Allan Poe, Mary Shelley's FRANKENSTEIN, or Bram Stoker's DRACULA. God knows that's what I did.

(Oh, and don't forget: there's only three days left to enter my contest for a free copy of the new Beat to a Pulp print anthology! Details here.)

Monday, October 25, 2010

Cheap fiction, plus a chance to win a copy of BEAT TO A PULP: ROUND ONE!

For those of you who don't know, I recently released a collection of short stories on Kindle titled 8 Pounds: Eight Tales of Crime, Horror, and Suspense for the bargain-basement price of $0.99! In the week that it's been out, it's garnered some lovely reviews (like this one), and more than one report of insomnia, which is kinda cool. (Hey, some of it is horror, after all; I'm allowed to be proud of scaring the sleep outta people.) And if you don't have a Kindle, that's no problem at all - just follow the link, and you can download a free app for your computer or mobile device in seconds. What better way to celebrate the Halloween season than cheap, kick-ass creepy fiction?

That covers the cheap; now let's talk about the free. Namely, a free copy (two, in fact!) of the gorgeous pulp smorgasbord that is Beat to a Pulp: Round One. How gorgeous, you ask? This gorgeous:
And lest you think this baby's all sizzle and no steak, let's talk about what's inside. How about damn near 400 pages chock full of the best crime, horror, fantasy, sci-fi, western, and pirate tales you'll ever read, penned by such talented folks as Sophie Littlefield, Charles Ardai, Robert J. Randisi, Hilary Davidson, James Reasoner, Edward A. Grainger, Frank Bill, Patti Abbott, Jed Ayres, and Kieran Shea. Oh yeah, and, um, me.

So, whaddya gotta do to get one? Easy. I want you to tell me a story. A six-word story, to be exact. (No clue what I'm talking about? Click on over here and find out.) But not just any six-word story. A six-word pulp story.

Now, it doesn't have to be crime; like Beat to a Pulp themselves, this contest is all about celebrating the full breadth of pulp fiction. So use your imagination, and go to town.

Here's how it works: post your six-word story in the comments of this blog post (be sure to include a name if you're commenting without a Blogger account). Submissions will be open for ten days.

At the end of ten days, two winners will be picked. Winner Number One shall be chosen by none other than David Cranmer, editor-extraordinaire of Beat to a Pulp (which means not only does Winner Number One get a kick-ass anthology, he or she also gets some serious bragging rights.) Winner Number Two shall be selected by placing the names of the remaining entrants in a hat and letting luck take its course. (Originally, I'd written that the entrants themselves would be placed in the hat, which would've required one hell of an enormous hat. I'd also written that Lady Luck would have her way with them, but that sounded dirtier than intended. Why am I telling you this? I honestly have no idea.)

Once the winners are announced, they can each shoot me an e-mail with their addresses, and I will stalk them send along their prizes, even sullying them (er, the prizes, not the actual winners) with my signature if they (you?) so choose.

So get crackin', and spread the word! I can't wait to see what y'all have in store for me...

Sunday, October 24, 2010

8 POUNDS reviewed at I Meant to Read That!

I'm delighted to report that my Kindle collection 8 Pounds: Eight Tales of Crime, Horror, and Suspense (only $0.99!) has garnered a rave at I Meant to Read That!

Many thanks to the lovely, charming, and mysterious McDroll/FiBe/Small Town Girl for the kind words.

Monday, October 18, 2010


It's official, y'all: my short story collection 8 Pounds: Eight Tales of Crime, Horror, and Suspense is available for download, and for the rock-bottom price of $0.99!

These stories represent three glorious years of toiling in the trenches ('07-'09, for those keeping track), and have appeared in publications as varied as Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazine and Thuglit. I've collected them here because, well, websites shut down, and magazines go out of print, which makes some of 'em mighty hard to come by.

Like old-school, whiskey-swiggin' pulp? Then check out Derringer-Award-finalist "The Big Score" and "A Simple Kindness." Need a dose of horror? How's about "The Well," "The Toll Collectors," and "A Better Life"? Or maybe you like your stories black and bitter as your coffee, in which case check out the Spinetingler-Award-winning "Seven Days of Rain" or "Eight Pounds." And just to sweeten the pot, I've included my fiction debut 'The World Behind," which first appeared in EQMM's Department of First Stories way back in June of 2007.

So go on. Take a peek. And if you dig it, maybe do yours truly a favor and post a kind review.

No Kindle? No problem! Amazon's got a link in the right-hand sidebar to download a free Kindle app for your computer or mobile device.

(Oh, and any props for the kick-ass cover should be directed John Hornor Jacobs' way.)

Thursday, October 14, 2010

The Adventure of Links

Just a brief post to point out a couple (er, three) (um, four?) supercool links.

Link the First (Now With Bonus Second Link!)
The new Beat to a Pulp anthology, BEAT TO A PULP: ROUND ONE is now live on Amazon! You can find it here. (Bonus link for those of you who wanna get it straight from the source, thereby depriving Amazon their cut of Beat to a Pulp's hard-earned dollars, right here.)

Link the Second (or Was That Third? Crap, This Header Scheme is Getting Away From Me)
Paul Brazill, decent chap and damned fine writer in his own right, reviewed Needle #2, and had some nice things to say about yours truly. You can read his review here.

Oh, and stay tuned. In not too long, I'll drop the deets on my upcoming short story e-book collection...

Saturday, October 09, 2010

BEAT TO A PULP: ROUND ONE is now available!

Last night, under the cover of darkness, David Cranmer unleashed unprecedented awesomeness upon the world: Beat to a Pulp's first ever print anthology.

At damn near four hundred pages of pure pulp perfection, this collection's got it all. A foreword by the legendary Bill Crider. A story from Hard Case Crime mastermind Charles Ardai. Another from Robert J. Randisi. (You think it's bad-ass to win a Shamus? Randisi created the Shamus.)

Frank Bill. Edward Grainger. Sophie Littlefield. Patti Abbott. Kieran Shea. Jed Ayres. Hilary Davidson. We're talking a lineup of the best names in pulp, all operating at the height of their considerable abilities. Oh, and did I mention the gorgeous, gorgeous cover, featuring original artwork by James O'Barr, creator of The Crow?

That's like a hundred reasons to pick this baby up right there, and here's one more: BEAT TO A PULP: ROUND ONE features a brand spankin', never-seen-before short by yours truly. It's called A Native Problem, and it's a doozy. Picture Indiana Jones by way of George Romero.

I know, right? (Ugh, did I really just say that? Blame the lack of sleep. I may have spent a large portion of last night drinking and dancing in a castle. No, for real.)

So where can you get this magical collection of awesome? Right here.

So go. Buy. Love. Heck, buy two -- Christmas is right around the corner...

Wednesday, October 06, 2010

On Cats and Bags

Coming soon to an e-reader near you...
(with a hat-tip to John Hornor Jacobs for the stunning cover design)

Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Thanks, Julie!

The inimitable Julie Summerell said some mighty nice things about me on her blog yesterday. You can read her comments here.

Julie, you made my day...