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DEAD HARVEST is Now Available!

I suspect my launch day is anything but typical. In fact, I expect I'll be quite scarce for much of it. No interviews or guest posts that I'm aware of. No scanning the internet for reviews. No biting my nails to the quick as I watch the stock-market rise-and-fall of my Amazon rank. In fact, I don't really have much in the way of plans; my official launch party is scheduled for a week from Thursday ( y'all are welcome to come, by the by ), and my wife and I aren't planning more than a pizza and a bottle of wine (the celebration dinner's gonna be next weekend). And the reason why's the Day Job. I don't talk much about the Day Job, except in passing. But this week, the Day Job's full-on nuts. See, when I'm not writing, or reading, or annoying the neighbors with my spirited-if-artless renditions of cheesy '90s indie songs on my guitar, I'm a researcher at a biotech company that specializes in diagnostic testing for animal and human health.

DEAD HARVEST Launch Party: Thursday, March 8 at Longfellow Books!

Dear Everybody Ever: On Thursday, March 8, at 7:00 PM, the awesometastical Longfellow Books in Portland, Maine will be hosting an official release party for DEAD HARVEST . All are welcome. There will be food and drink and, you know, me. I'll be reading and taking questions and generally dancing for y'all's amusement. So if you're in the area, or if you're not but you're damn determined, feel free to stop on by. I'll be the one looking elated and uneasy all at once...

DEAD HARVEST receives four stars from SFX Magazine!

The newest issue of the venerable SFX Magazine hit newsstands in the UK today, and they saw fit to weigh in on DEAD HARVEST... to the tune of four stars! Alas, I cannot link to the review, as it only exists in the for-serious actual world, but here's a taste (with a hat tip to the fine blokes at Angry Robot for passing it along): "The breakneck pace of the narrative, and the world Holm creates, make for a thrillingly brutal ride." Not too shabby, that.