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ZERO Updates

It's been a dizzying two weeks, give or take, since CHILD ZERO was released into the wild. Here's a brief update on where I've been, and where I'll be in the near future. Where I've Been: The downright dazzling Steve Weddle was kind enough to interview me for Do Some Damage I swung by CrimeReads to offer up a list of Eight Biological Horror Movies Guaranteed to Make Your Skin Crawl Speaking of CrimeReads, ace editor Lisa Levy snuck CHILD ZERO onto her list of May's Best Psychological Thrillers Do Some Damage also published a guest post by yours truly about the impending threat of a post-antibiotic era My virtual Murder by the Book event with good friend Matthew Quirk is up on YouTube for your viewing pleasure As is my Rogue Reads panel with Tracy Clark, Sara Paretsky, Amanda Quick, and James Rollins John Valeri penned this very kind review of CHILD ZERO for Criminal Element My pal Nick Petrie and I stayed up late for our virtual Mysterious Galaxy event ,

CHILD ZERO is Now Available!

I've waited six long years, from inception to publication date, to say this: CHILD ZERO is now available wherever books are sold! I'll be celebrating tonight at Hunt + Alpine . You're welcome to join me, if you're so inclined. In other news: Marshal Zeringue was kind enough to interview me for his blog He also subjected CHILD ZERO to the Page 69 Test Novel Suspects included CHILD ZERO on this list of anticipated crime novels Jenn's Bookshelves offered up this glowing review Rogue Women Writers had me by for a guest post As did Jungle Red Writers, who let me blather on about JURASSIC PARK Many thanks to all, as well as anyone who's purchased a copy of CHILD ZERO , or supported my work along the way!

T-Minus One Week

It's hard to believe the publication date of CHILD ZERO is only a week away—particularly since I've been working on this book since late 2016. As you might imagine, my promotional cycle is in full swing, so I thought a quick roundup was in order. Hit the deck, 'cause here come the bullets: Amazon's editors named CHILD ZERO one of May's best science fiction novels Canadian publication Everything Zoomer did 'em one better, calling it  one of May's ten best works of fiction If you want a sneak peek at CHILD ZERO before you buy,  Novel Suspects has you covered They also posted my proposed canon of biological thrillers , a subgenre whose roots extend far deeper than you might imagine If you're light on cash, pop over to Goodreads by 5/6 for a chance to win one of twenty-five CHILD ZERO hardcovers The latest issue of  The Big Thrill features an interview with yours truly I've also got a ton of events lined up, both virtual and in-person, which you can