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Kirkus Gives THE KILLING KIND a Starred Review!

Writing careers are full of firsts. Moments you'll carry in your mind forever. Your first rejection (in my case, it was from Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine ). Your first acceptance (also from Ellery Queen; I'm nothing if not stubborn). Your first book deal . The first time you hold a finished copy of your novel in your hands. Today, for me, is another such milestone. Because today, thanks to Kirkus, I've gotten my first starred review . I'm honored, and incredibly grateful that they've chosen to highlight THE KILLING KIND as a book worth seeking out. Here's a taste of what they had to say: "Who will best whom is by no means obvious in this fast-moving, witty tale of good guy versus bad guy versus worse guy." Click through if you'd like to read the rest of the review , or if you'd like to stare at the star beside the title awhile. Or am I the only one doing that?

Simon Kernick on THE KILLING KIND

I just received word from my UK editor, Ruth Tross, that bestselling author Simon Kernick had this to say about THE KILLING KIND: "Chris Holm's a thriller writer to look out for and THE KILLING KIND is a ripping, twisting yarn you can read in one sitting." Thanks, Simon! So glad you enjoyed it.

Marcus Sakey on THE KILLING KIND

Marcus Sakey  is one of my favorite writers on the planet. The first two books in his Brilliance Saga, BRILLIANCE and A BETTER WORLD, are as close to perfect as thrillers get, and I can't wait to read the forthcoming third installment. So imagine my delight when he had this to say about THE KILLING KIND: "THE KILLING KIND is mercilessly tense, wonderfully evocative, and so cinematic it should come with popcorn. Chris Holm writes with swagger and wit and crackling intensity—I love his stuff." Many thanks, Marcus. Now go finish book three of the Brilliance Saga; I'm jonesing here.