Saturday, March 31, 2012

Angels and Demons

Today, DEAD HARVEST gets a little left-coast love, courtesy the Los Angeles Review of Books. (Well, sorta. I mean, the reviewer's Brooklyn-based. But still.) Here's a taste:

"Chris F. Holm’s genre-transmogrifying debut, Dead Harvest, is among the most adventurous crime titles to appear this year. It’s sort of a supernatural hit-man story, with a wrong-guy, lovers-on-the-run, end-of-the-world, action sci-fi twist — an ambitious mash-up that twists, contorts, recasts, and revives umpteen different archetypes. The only thing crazier than Holm’s vision is the fact that he actually pulls it off."

Thanks, Cullen, for the kind words. Click through to read the rest, and be sure to check out their reviews of Hilary Davidson's tremendous THE NEXT ONE TO FALL, as well as the latest from Alison Gaylin, Joe Lansdale, and many more!