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RED RIGHT HAND Garners A Rave From Publishers Weekly!

I'm elated to report that Publishers Weekly awarded RED RIGHT HAND a starred, boxed review! Here's a taste of what they had to say (click through to read the rest): "Explosive and timely... Holm expertly balances weighty issues of national security with more intimate personal losses, and makes it clear that the best stories happen in the gray area between good and evil." I'll admit to being honored, stunned, and relieved in equal measure. I feel as if I took some big risks writing RED RIGHT HAND. I'm glad to hear that they (might've) paid off.

Gregg Hurwitz on RED RIGHT HAND

Gregg Hurwitz knows a thing or two about writing a thrilling tale. His books, the most recent being ORPHAN X, have topped bestseller lists worldwide. He's written such iconic comic characters as Batman and Wolverine. (His limited PENGUIN: PAIN AND PREJUDICE run is a favorite of mine.) He's even got a master's in Shakespearean tragedy. So imagine my delight when he had this to say about RED RIGHT HAND : "Like most people in Crime Fiction Land, I’ve been hearing about the talented Chris Holm for some time—and now I understand why. RED RIGHT HAND is that rare treat—a tightly constructed, crisply written, fast-as-hell thriller. Strap in tight because the chapters whip by in a blur. Such is the view from a roller coaster." Many thanks, Gregg! So glad you enjoyed it.

Kirkus Reviews RED RIGHT HAND!

RED RIGHT HAND doesn't come out until September 13th, but the first review is already in, from the notoriously prickly Kirkus. So... what'd they think? "Fast-moving... entertaining... Readers will root for Hendricks, even though he’s on the FBI’s Most Wanted list, because he has a more solid moral code than your average murderer. A good choice for thriller fans." Whew! I'll take it. Feel free to click through if you'd like to read the rest.