What Ho, Old Bean? DEAD HARVEST is Now Out in the UK (and Elsewhere)!

Okay, fine, all my Britishisms were lifted from Bertie Wooster (as my editor, Marc Gascoigne, can attest). But still, DEAD HARVEST has officially gone international!

Look around. Are people speaking English? (If it takes a sec to figure that out, you may well be in Scotland.) Then you should be able to walk into your finest book emporium and buy my book!

Why should you buy my book? Well, howsabout I let Jed Ayres of Barnes and Noble's Ransom Notes blog tackle that one: "Can you afford to get lost in a good book this week? No? Then I strongly suggest you avoid Chris F. Holm’s debut DEAD HARVEST. Seriously, back away from the book, 'cause it’ll grab you." Thanks, Jed!