US hardcover edition pictured (Mulholland Books, September 2016)

A Michael Hendricks Novel

Named a Best New Thriller by Barnes & Noble and UK's Daily Express

A Boston Globe Best Book of 2016

Nominated for the 2017 Anthony Award for Best Novel

When viral video of a terrorist attack in San Francisco reveals that a Federal witness long thought dead is still alive, the organization he’d agreed to testify against will stop at nothing to put him in the ground.

Special Agent Charlie Thompson is determined to protect him, but her hands are tied; the FBI’s sole priority is catching the terrorists before they strike again. So Charlie calls the only person on the planet who can keep her witness safe: Michael Hendricks.

Once a covert operative for the US military, Hendricks makes his living hitting hitmen… or he did, until the very organization hunting Charlie’s witness—the Council—caught wind and targeted the people he loves. Now Hendricks is determined to take the Council down, even if that means wading into the center of a terror plot whose perpetrators are not what they seem.

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"Hendricks is back in a complex new thriller from Holm that combines several irresistible threads into one near-perfect story... an amazing balancing act."
-Barnes & Noble (named a Best New Thriller for September)

"An explosive followup to THE KILLING KIND... an electrifying read, a book that pretty much demands your total attention till it's finished."
-Blue Book Balloon

"Original and exciting... Hendricks is poised to join characters like Jack Reacher, Harry Bosch, and Spencer on reader’s must-buy lists for years to come."
-BOLO Books

"The novel brims with nice turns on genre conventions, like Hendricks' PI code—similar to Sam Spade's—and the wisecracking moll, here a computer whiz mocking Hendricks' efforts to sound hip. Good story, good action, some startling turns of phrase: 'The last thing you'll ever see,' Hendricks warns a baddie, 'is your teeth leaving your face.'"

"In his second Michael Hendricks thriller, Holm performs authorial acrobatics, elegantly and nimbly leaping between various locations and voices to produce not just a suspenseful tale kicked off by a San Francisco terrorist attack, but one imbued with multiple fine characters to boot."
-The Boston Globe

"The pacing and plot sweep you up and before you even know it you are halfway through the book. I actually forgot to eat while I was reading... If you dig the books of Lee Child and Joe Finder you now have another must read author to add to your list."
-Crimespree Magazine

"RED RIGHT HAND is an explosive, fast-paced follow-up to THE KILLING KIND... With strong characters and a complex plotline, RED RIGHT HAND has the essence of a great action movie. Ultimately, Holm has done exactly what a good writer should do: he makes you desperate to know what’s coming next."
-Daily Express (named a Best New Thriller)

"Fast paced... masterfully plotted... Put aside a full night, RED RIGHT HAND is so engrossing you won’t want to put it down."
-Horror World

"Like most people in Crime Fiction Land, I’ve been hearing about the talented Chris Holm for some time—and now I understand why. RED RIGHT HAND is that rare treat—a tightly constructed, crisply written, fast-as-hell thriller. Strap in tight because the chapters whip by in a blur. Such is the view from a roller coaster."
-Gregg Hurwitz, New York Times bestselling author of ORPHAN X

"An incredibly captivating thriller, one that kept my heart pounding long after I finished the last pages... Highly, highly recommended."
-Jenn's Bookshelves

"RED RIGHT HAND is the second thriller in Portland author Chris Holm’s excellent series featuring Michael Hendricks... This is fast-paced, action-packed adventure, with several surprising plot twists to add to the excitement."
-Kennebec Journal

"THE KILLING KIND earned a stack of plaudits, but RED RIGHT HAND is the rare second entry in a series that actually rivals its predecessor."

"This follow-up to the acclaimed THE KILLING KIND (nominated for four major mystery awards, including the Anthony) is a real thrill ride. Jeff Abbott fans and adrenaline fiction junkies will appreciate how vividly the shadowy world of military contractors comes to life in Holm's skillful hands."
-Library Journal (starred review)

"Fast-paced, full of twists that ingeniously come together for a thunderous finale, this is commercial thriller writing at its best and grand entertainment."
-Lovereading (a Maxim Jakubowski selected title)

"In RED RIGHT HAND, Holm succeeds in developing Michael Hendricks as a complexly conflicted protagonist, while keeping the level of action and intrigue running high. Smart, unpredictable and well-constructed, the novel is a worthy follow-up to THE KILLING KIND, a satisfying thriller on its own terms and likely a harbinger of pulse-quickening adventures still to come."
-Portland Press Herald/Maine Sunday Telegram

"A high-octane, fast-moving read... The writing is taut, teasing and terrific, and the mind-blowing plotlines will keep readers engaged, turning pages as fast as the affairs unfold."

"Explosive and timely... Holm expertly balances weighty issues of national security with more intimate personal losses, and makes it clear that the best stories happen in the gray area between good and evil."
-Publishers Weekly (starred, boxed review)

"Rating: 5 out of 5. Pretty much the perfect thriller... The action is mile-a-minute and yet [Holm is] willing to take his time and have lovely character moments that don’t undercut the flow but instead enhance the feeling of speed and adrenaline... it’s impossible to put down... I knew Chris Holm to be a great writer before this book—but now, I think, the world is going to be in on the secret, too."
-Raging Biblioholism

"A terrific antihero... This book is perfect for readers in search of a high-octane, action-packed thriller."
-The Real Book Spy

"A very enjoyable read. I would highly recommend it to anyone who likes a taut and complex plot line and characters to whom they can relate... Star Count: 5/5"
-San Francisco Book Review

"RED RIGHT HAND is [a] perfectly paced page-turner: Holm elegantly juggles multiple characters, perspectives and locations, without a single misstep."
-The Seattle Review of Books

"This one starts at a fast pace and doesn’t let up... Chapters zip by like bullets, and there’s no lull in the action to let you catch your breath. Easy to see why this was nominated for the Anthony Award... Great premise, artfully executed."
-Shots Mag

"Hard-hitting... Holm manages to write a book about terrorism that isn’t about terrorism, a book about violence that isn’t about violence, and succeeds without precedent on both counts. A surefire winner for thriller fans and beyond."
-Strand Magazine

"It’s a recipe for a chaotic mess of a hack’s book, but hey, Chris Holm’s RED RIGHT HAND is pretty darned good... It’s a crackerjack read and, unlike many books of its kind, this one frequently flaps its left wing."
-Winnipeg Free Press