Booklist and Publishers Weekly on THE KILLING KIND

I'm delighted to report this latest batch of reviews (and BONUS Literary Agent Mention!) for THE KILLING KIND.

First, there's this review from Publishers Weekly, which declares THE KILLING KIND "a diverting, action-packed story interspersed with excellent character vignettes." (They also say "Holm carries off a preposterous plot with brazen aplomb," which I am choosing to take as a compliment.)

Booklist recently reviewed THE KILLING KIND as well. Their site, alas, is paywalled, but here's a pull-quote I've selected for you COMPLETELY AT RANDOM AND NOT AT ALL BECAUSE IT MAKES ME SOUND AWESOME: "Holm’s action scenes are breathtaking whirlwinds, and even when readers know what’s next, he builds an improbable level of suspense."

In other news, if I ever write a memoir, I think I'll title it BREATHTAKING WHIRLWINDS OF BRAZEN APLOMB.

Oh! Right! I almost forgot the BONUS Literary Agent Mention, courtesy of Jessica Faust of Bookends Literary Agency. Here's what she had to say:
At #BEA I picked up THE KILLING KIND by Chris Holm. I devoured this book. This is exactly the kind of book I love and would love to see. How can you go wrong with a hit man who targets hit men? The way the story plays out is really the true magic though, the twists are perfect and the end leaves you satisfied, but still desperate for the next in the series, which is really disappointing since this book doesn't even officially publish until September. Put it on your pre-order list.
Jessica's kind words are gratifying because the Bookends blog was essential reading for me when I began approaching agents years ago. (In fact, an email search indicates Jessica was among my first agent queries, way back in '07—for a book that, quite rightly, never saw the light of day. She requested a partial, but ultimately—and graciously—passed.) If you're a writer who's getting to the point where you're considering querying agents, I'd highly recommend giving their blog a read.