Angry Robot Books, February 2012

Book One of the Collector Trilogy

"The breakneck pace of the narrative, and the world Holm creates, make for a thrillingly brutal ride."
-SFX Magazine

"...twisty, fast-paced, and thoroughly enjoyable."
-Publishers Weekly

A 2012 Stoker Preliminary Ballot Selection for Best First Novel

Sam Thornton collects the souls of the damned, and ensures they find their way to hell. But when he's dispatched to snatch the soul of a young woman he believes is innocent of the crime for which she's been condemned, he does something no Collector's ever done before: he refuses.

Note: The Collector trilogy is currently out of print, but stay tuned. Like Sam, it might one day return from the grave...


"This gripping supernatural adventure gives a whole new meaning to 'possession is nine-tenths of the law.'"
-Edgar Award-winning author Charles Ardai

"Can you afford to get lost in a good book this week? No? Then I strongly suggest you avoid Chris F. Holm’s debut DEAD HARVEST. Seriously, back away from the book, 'cause it’ll grab you."
-Barnes and Noble’s Ransom Notes

"Get a nicotine patch 'cause you’ll be smokin’ by the end of DEAD HARVEST. A surreal page-turner where crime meets goth meets fantasy meets horror, strips the elements of everything you knew about storytelling, and creates a new genre called Chris F. Holm!"

"...a damned good read."
-Nigel Bird, author of DIRTY OLD TOWN

 "...this page turner will rivet fans of the thriller/crime genre as well as those whose normal staple is fantasy/horror giving both an expanded reading horizon that is sorely lacking in genre fiction..."
-Bitesize Books

"The fight between heaven and hell takes a turn for the hardboiled in Chris F. Holm's fantastic debut novel, DEAD HARVEST, where he's created a character as pulpy and tough as anything Chandler or Hammett dreamed up in his doomed Soul Collector.  Holm's writing is sharp, powerful, and packs a wallop."
-Stephen Blackmoore, author of CITY OF THE LOST

"DEAD HARVEST is a frantic, fun and fantastic mystery with a refreshing and modern take on Christian mythology..."
-Blurb Hack

"DEAD HARVEST is many things and also something singular in vision. It will appeal to fans of genres as diverse as mystery, urban fantasy, noir, adventure, horror, and thriller; but readers will likely find enjoyment even if they are not a fan of a few of those categories. Give this book a chance and you won’t regret it."
-BOLO Books

"Holm creates the perfect balance between high action, thriller and mystery. DEAD HARVEST is a fast paced, thoroughly enjoyable read."
-Book Chick City

"Holm’s perfectly pitched and finely tuned prose sets the rapid pace of unceasing action... you need not be a fan of gumshoe to get the most out of this read."
-BookFetish (Spotlight Review)

"DEAD HARVEST is a great story. Original, fascinating and absorbing from the onset, it captures the reader and describes an interesting supernatural world that sits alongside our own. If you like supernatural ‘who-dunnits’ then this is the book for you."
-The British Fantasy Society

"A stellar debut."
-Shamus, Gumshoe, Crimespree, Lovey, and Dilys Award-winning author Sean Chercover

"Chris F. Holm clearly loves dime store pulp. And supernatural stories. And chase thrillers. So he took them all, threw them into a giant blender, turned it on 'high,' and poured the chunky, soupy mess into DEAD HARVEST. And the result is pure awesome."
-Crimespree Magazine

"DEAD HARVEST by Chris F. Holm is a shit storm of soul-ripping, chain smoking, anti-hero bad-assedness. From the gritty looking pulp fiction style cover right to the very last page, Holm delivers a knuckle-dusting blow to the solar plexus in his protagonist Sam Thornton."
-Dark Central Station

"Chris F. Holm clearly had both angels and devils watching over him as he wrote DEAD HARVEST. Thrilling, riveting and hardboiled as hell, this stunning debut still manages to be incredibly soulful. If I could recommend one book to everyone this year, this would be it."
-Anthony Award-winning author Hilary Davidson

"Chris F. Holm's pen reminds me of Stephen King's. Take note, fans of the legendary writer, you may have found a new champion in Holm... If you're shopping for a hot new series, look no further."
-Dead End Follies

"DEAD HARVEST is exactly what the urban fantasy genre needs. It’s an action-packed thrill ride that blends elements of the best urban fantasy, pulp crime, and adventure novels have to offer. The follow-up book, THE WRONG GOODBYE, hits shelves and electronic devices later this year. It can’t get here soon enough."
-The Debut Review

"A talented debut; this will keep you reading late into the night - and possibly beyond."
-Drying Ink

"Fast paced dark fantasy that is likely to leave you wanting more. Be warned though, this is the literary equivalent of crack, and it is entirely possible that if you aren’t already, you are going to get hooked."
-The Eloquent Page

"DEAD HARVEST is what you get when you fill a casserole dish with equal parts detective noir, supernatural sci-fi, cover it with some snappy dialogue, pop it in the oven and broil the shit out of it. What you get is a recipe that will not only satisfy your palate but leave you hungry for more."
-Every Read Thing

"Holm has created a fantastic world and I can't wait to see what happens next."
-Fantasy Book Review

"DEAD HARVEST is a phenomenal debut novel with a cracking plot and amazing characters..."
-A Fantastical Librarian

"Holm has created a fantastic world and I can't wait to see what happens next."
-Fantasy Book Review

"Chris F. Holm’s first novel, DEAD HARVEST, is supernatural noir at its best."
-Fantasy Literature

"One of my favourite books of the year to date... An impressive debut."
-The Fiction Stroker

"Fans of the Harry Dresden series and those who like their modern-day fantasy with a twist of hardboiled detective story will love this (as will fans of GOOD OMENS and IN NOMINE). I firmly expect this page-turner to do well, and am pleased to hear that a sequel is already in the works."
-Book blogger Ed Fortune

"A fantastic, page-turning and awesome debut that certainly makes an impression. Highly recommended, and a must for any Urban Fantasy fans. Verdict: 5/5"
-The Founding Fields

"Many writers are capable of creating a fantasy world, but there are only a few who have the gift of making us believe in it... Dark fantasy? Horror fiction? An occult mystery? DEAD HARVEST is all of those. Making it a hard book to categorize. But an even harder one to put down."
-Leighton Gage, acclaimed author of the Chief Inspector Mario Silva series

"...a genre-smashing hybrid that succeeds because of the strong story at its core."
-Grift Magazine

"DEAD HARVEST is a wonderful blending of the supernatural with urban crime fiction and an exciting start to a new series."
-The Guilded Earlobe

"Not since reading John Connolly’s debut novel EVERY DEAD THING have I encountered a writer’s debut that so successfully combines crime fiction and the supernatural."
-The House of Crime and Mystery

"Like the good Die Hard. With demons."
-In Order of Importance

"Because I knew author Chris Holm’s short stories, I knew already that he is a talented storyteller. If I’m honest, though, I underestimated his power to create characters and worlds that are as compelling as the one we find in DEAD HARVEST."
-In Real Life

"I found it nearly impossible to believe that this is Holm’s debut novel. It is a perfect marriage between urban fantasy and crime fiction... I’m thrilled that this book isn’t the last we’ll read of Sam, for Holm has created a completely engaging and addictive character. I simply cannot wait for more. Highly, Highly recommended."
-Jenn’s Bookshelves

"...a stunning story of good versus evil... daring and thought-provoking."
-Jen's Book Thoughts

"This is an action packed book with a story line that powers along... Well written, and well paced, this was a book it was easy to lose myself in."
-Just One More Page

"DEAD HARVEST is a solid hardboiled crime thriller buried neck-deep in the supernatural. That it walks a tightrope between the two genres without compromising on either is impressive – the central mystery is compelling, the narrator is heroic but horribly flawed and the stakes are both intimately personal and cosmic at the same time. This was such a satisfying read that I don’t really want to spoil anything. I highly recommend it."

"Blending urban fantasy with noir mystery, Holm's debut is a dark, moody tale of fallen heroes in the modern world. Fans of Jim Butcher's Dresden Files books, Tanya Huff's Blood novels, and Larry Correia's Monster Hunter series should enjoy discovering a promising new author."
-Library Journal

"DEAD HARVEST by Chris F. Holm will grab your attention and drag you from the heights of Heaven to the depths of Hell in this divine little tale."
-Lightsaber Rattling

"Holm’s touch is deft and his language surefooted, a rare feat in the realm of dark fantasy. DEAD HARVEST blends backstory just wrenching enough, victims just pitiable enough, villains just ambiguous enough to keep everything on the thrummingly interesting side of noir, never bogging down in cliche. And the white-knuckle action is an indulgent pleasure – this book practically turns its own pages. The best books combine the smart with the careening, and Holm does that so well."
-Anthony Award-winning author Sophie Littlefield

"The Collector series gets off to a strong start with this noir urban fantasy, a very promising first novel."
-Locus Magazine

"Chris F. Holm’s genre-transmogrifying debut, DEAD HARVEST, is among the most adventurous crime titles to appear this year. It’s sort of a supernatural hit-man story, with a wrong-guy, lovers-on-the-run, end-of-the-world, action sci-fi twist — an ambitious mash-up that twists, contorts, recasts, and revives umpteen different archetypes. The only thing crazier than Holm’s vision is the fact that he actually pulls it off."
-Los Angeles Review of Books

"DEAD HARVEST by Chris F. Holm is a slick, fast paced, supernatural thriller, but not so slick that it lacks depth... Plenty of action, plenty of violence, with at least one supernatural femme fatale and a story that keeps you on your toes and turning the page until the denouement... extremely entertaining..."
-Morpheus Tales

"4.5/5 ...DEAD HARVEST reads like a smooth shot of bourbon..."
-My Bookish Ways

"...damned or not, I’d let Sam Thornton snatch the soul from my chest any day of the week."
-My Friends Call Me Kate

"With DEAD HARVEST, Chris F. Holm splices genres in a way few authors can pull off, in the process delivering an action-packed roller-coaster of a novel that will enthrall thriller and fantasy readers alike. A superb debut from a talent to watch."
-Los Angeles Times Book Prize-winning author Stuart Neville

". . . urban fantasy treasure . . . With a candid style that exhibits solid confidence and finesse, Chris Holm pulls readers in and pins us to the edge of our seats with a cleverly conceived story that is flawlessly executed.”
-New York Journal of Books

"I freaking loved this book! 9.5/10"
-Nocturnal Book Reviews

"This book is everything I would want in the first of a series. It had action, romance, mystery, sci-fi, fantasy, and most importantly an awesome plot! I loved this book from the moment I read the synopsis to the moment I finished the last paragraph."
-Open Book Society

"If you are an urban fantasy fan, then DEAD HARVEST is sure to be a new favorite. But even if you’re not, I encourage you to give it a shot."
-Dan O’Shea, author of OLD SCHOOL and PENANCE

"I found this novel difficult to put down... For those who are tired of the same old thing in urban fantasy, Dead Harvest should be the next title on your reading list. It is engaging, original, and sets a high standard for storytelling. I’ll be waiting eagerly for the next installment."
-Owlcat Mountain

"Wow! Is DEAD HARVEST really a debut novel? This book was such a fantastic read that I finished the book in no time at all. I was extremely impressed with the tension throughout the story and also with the cinematic quality feel that this book creates. To top it off, the protagonist Sam Thornton is a brilliant anti-hero that you can't help but love."
-Paperless Reading

"A war is brewing between angels and demons in this twisty, fast-paced, and thoroughly enjoyable urban fantasy debut."
-Publishers Weekly

"DEAD HARVEST is more fun than a subway tunnel full of demons, has more panache than a fallen angel’s wings, and has more grrr than a bobcat growl."
-Pulp 300

"Chris F. Holm's writing is assured and the world building is outstanding... The Collector series is on my must buy list. 5 [of 5] Qwills."
-The Qwillery

"While written in a classic smoking gun, hard-boiled film noir style, DEAD HARVEST... is completely fresh and absolutely distracting. You won’t be able to put it down... a solid debut for a thrilling new novelist. 5/5 stars."
-Sacramento/San Francisco Book Review

"DEAD HARVEST is a wonderfully written dark, urban fantasy with a generous helping of noir that grabs you by the soul and doesn’t let go until the final satisfying conclusion."
-Scenes and Sequels

"Chris F. Holm’s first novel in The Collector series hits the ground running, and keeps the reader engrossed throughout all three hundred pages... A clever urban fantasy that deserves a wide audience."
-Sci-Fi Bulletin

"With his debut novel, Holm's managed to do something that not many authors have been able to do in the span of an entire career, let alone with their debut novel: flawlessly mesh urban fantasy with a darker, grittier sub-genre that urban fantasy demands. Although not the first to do so, Holm has certainly managed to set himself apart from authors who preceded him."
-The Sci-Fi Guys

"It is a very fast paced novel, with plenty of action, superb characters, deception and mystery all the way through. I highly recommend DEAD HARVEST, and I’m looking forward to the next in what should be a superb series."
-SF Book Reviews

"In a crowded world of urban fantasy, it’s difficult to make an impression amongst the many, many tales out there. However, as far as urban fantasy goes, this is one of the most assured debuts I’ve read since first reading Jim Butcher’s first Dresden... Its sequel, THE WRONG GOODBYE, follows in November. Can’t wait. Recommended." (reviewer Mark Yon)

"The breakneck pace of the narrative, and the world Holm creates, make for a thrillingly brutal ride."
-SFX Magazine

"Chris F. Holm has crafted a nicely dark urban fantasy with a truly unique protagonist, whose personality engages you no matter whose face he’s wearing."
-She Never Slept

"Sam Spade meets The Matrix. Punchy, fast-paced and finely plotted."
-Mike Shevdon, acclaimed author of THE ROAD TO BEDLAM

"Holm has obviously taken his inspiration from Hammett and Chandler, but put his own inventive twist to bring it forward into the 21st century... 4.1 [of 5] stars."

"I was tickled by the cover, which appears for all the world to be a well-read golden-age pulp paperback complete with scratches, smudges and the marks of many fingerprints. I was even more impressed by what was inside. It was a hell of a read."
-New York Times bestselling author Julia Spencer-Fleming

"DEAD HARVEST is a triumphant debut that felt like the book I’d been waiting on for years without knowing it."
-Spinetingler Magazine

" sharp that I suspect Chris may have cut himself while writing it..."
-Spoiler Alert

"...a gritty, hardboiled detective story that skillfully blends creepy supernatural drama with hardboiled hi-jinks."
-Starburst Magazine

"Angry Robot has again released another corker of a novel and I eagerly await book two in The Collector series. This is quite simply, dead good!"
-Terror Tree

"...this was an effortless and thoroughly enjoyable read and I will certainly be reading the second Collector novel when it comes out."
-Tony’s Thoughts

"Holm created a world that feels real enough and a story epic enough that you have a hard time believing this is his first published novel... Highly recommended."
-Unsquare Dance

"From the clever packaging to the devilishly clever cross-pollination of urban fantasy and noir crime, this first novel bodes well for a long career."
-World Fantasy Award-winning author Jeff VanderMeer

"Holm writes in an assured style with engaging prose... an enjoyable read that excels on premise and contextual construction. 4/5 Stars"
-The View From The Blue House

"In the hands of a less skilled author an attempt to mesh as many different genres as are represented in DEAD HARVEST would undoubtedly have ended up a jumbled, rudderless mess. Not so here. No, Holm takes a pinch of fantasy, a little supernatural, a dash of hardboiled crime fiction, and blends them into a pitch-perfect adventure in a way that is nothing short of authorial alchemy."
-Elizabeth A. White

"Events come thick and fast, nothing is predictable, and the ride takes your breath away. In short, I loved it and I can’t wait to read the next one!"
-Stephen West