Two New Reviews (One Starred!)

While I can't link to it directly, Library Journal's starred (!) review of RED RIGHT HAND was reprinted in its entirety at Barnes & Noble, so I think it's safe for me to share it here.
"★ Years ago, FBI informant Frank Segreti was presumed to be dead when his safe house was blown up. Yet, the video of a terrorist attack in San Francisco shows Segreti to be very much alive. Determined to protect her witness until he can testify, FBI Special Agent Charlie Thompson hires Michael Hendricks, a military covert operative-turned-hit man (of bad guys). His best friend and tech guru was killed by the same mob organization that's trying to take down Segreti, and now Hendricks is determined to burn down the group. VERDICT This follow-up to the acclaimed THE KILLING KIND (nominated for four major mystery awards, including the Anthony) is a real thrill ride. Jeff Abbott fans and adrenaline fiction junkies will appreciate how vividly the shadowy world of military contractors comes to life in Holm's skillful hands."
For those playing along at home, RED RIGHT HAND has now received two starred reviews! (Speaking of "at home," my neighbors—who are frequently subjected to my terrible guitar playing when it's warm enough to leave the windows open—will be surprised to discover I have "skillful hands.")

But wait! There's more! David at Blue Book Balloon got an early peek at the UK edition and declared it "an explosive followup to THE KILLING KIND... an electrifying read, a book that pretty much demands your total attention till it's finished." Thanks, David!