THE KILLING KIND is Now Available!

As of today, THE KILLING KIND is officially out in the US, wherever books are sold. I've waited a long time to type those words. Now that the day is finally here, I couldn't be happier.

It's only mid-morning as of this writing, but my release day's already been pretty nuts. THE KILLING KIND was, briefly, a trending topic on Twitter. Reviews, interviews, and well-wishes are coming fast and furious. I'm sure I'll fail to thank someone along the way, but not for lack of trying.

Here's a (doubtless partial) roundup of release-day coverage:

Dan Malmon wrote a fantastic review for Crimespree Magazine, in which he said:
"Whether it’s cringing at the depths of Engelmann’s depravity, or picking up the most subtle of character beats of the vast supporting cast that make up THE KILLING KIND, the reader can’t help but be fully invested in what befalls the players in this thriller. Holm has put fully formed people on the page… and then proceeds to do horrible things to them. Because that is what exceptional authors do."
The Life Sentence is chock full of content related to THE KILLING KIND, including an interview (with my lovely and talented wife, who also happens to be an editor for the site WAIT IS THAT WHY THEY'RE BEING SO NICE TO ME?!), a review, and an amazing Tumblr post.

But wait! There's more! Elizabeth A. White had this to say about THE KILLING KIND:
"Previously known to readers for his outstanding, intricately plotted and laced with dark humor urban fantasy meets noir Collector trilogy, Holm has both shifted gears somewhat and at the same time upped his game with THE KILLING KIND. While the Collector books were universally praised, appearing on scores of 'Best of the Year' lists, THE KILLING KIND’s more mainstream thriller setup has the potential to open new doors for Holm and expand his reader base exponentially. And this would be a good thing for everyone, because if there’s one thing readers could use more of, it’s Chris Holm penned stories."
Many thanks to Dan and the whole Crimespree crew; Katrina, Jordan, Lisa, and Adam at The Life Sentence; Elizabeth; and everyone who's blogged, shared, reviewed, retweeted, or bought the book. And extra-special thanks to these fine folks, without whom I wouldn't be where I am today.