There are often moments in my writing career that make me shake my head with disbelief and smile. Getting a rave review from NPR is one such moment. And to make that moment even sweeter, said review comes courtesy of Jason Heller. I've been a fan of Jason's writing since the early days of the AV Club, and I've bought loads of books and music on the strength of his reviews. Here's a taste of what he had to say about THE KILLING KIND:
"What makes the book sing is not some shotgun marriage of genres—this is a thriller, plain and simple—but its lean action, breakneck execution, and a nervy concept that's almost too perfect: Protagonist Michael Hendricks is a hit man who only hits other hit men... THE KILLING KIND is a brutal book about brutal people in a brutal world... For all its violence and darkness, though, the book has plenty of sly humor, sharp dialogue, and even the occasional yanked heartstring... relentless and breathtaking."
And as an added bonus, Jason snuck in some praise for my Collector trilogy, calling it "...a grim, imaginative take on the detective yarn." Not too shabby, that.