In Which the Author is Over the Moon...

Locus Magazine, who've won like eleventy bagillion Hugo Awards.

Locus Magazine, in whose pages a K.W. Jeter coined the term "steampunk," way back in April of '87.

Locus Magazine, which no less a luminary than Arthur C. Clarke declared "the only periodical I read from cover to cover."

Locus Magazine knows that I exist. What's more, they actually liked my book.

There's no online edition, so I can't provide an evidentiary link, but here's a snippet of what they (or, rather, Carolyn Cushman) had to say:

"The Collector series gets off to a strong start with this noir urban fantasy, a very promising first novel."

You hear that? I'm "very promising." (Or, okay, my novel is. Shut up and let me have this.)