Announcement and Contest

The Announcement

It's official: my robot overlords have picked up book three in my Collector series! THE BIG REAP is set to see the light of day sometime in 2013, following this February's DEAD HARVEST and September 2012's THE WRONG GOODBYE.

How psyched am I? Freakin' very. For one, THE BIG REAP takes a turn both epic and unexpected, and I'm pretty sure it's gonna rock. For two, you just know the cover will be mind-blowing. (Yeah, that's right: I mostly made this deal so's I could get me yet another kick-ass pulp cover. If I've got to keep cranking out crazy fantasy-noir adventure novels to get 'em, then so be it.)

The Contest

To celebrate today's announcement, I think I'll give away free stuff. What free stuff, you ask? How about three DEAD HARVEST prize packs, featuring a signed copy of DEAD HARVEST (The Collector Book One), as well as bookmarks, fridge magnets, custom DEAD HARVEST M&Ms, and whatever other crazy-ass DEAD HARVEST swag I happen to have lying around my house.

Who's eligible? If you're reading this, then you are. Period. End of story.

What do you have to do? Here's where things get fun.

See, my main character, Sam Thornton, is undead, damned to hell for all eternity on account of a deal he made with a demon to... well, you'll just have to read the book to find out what his deal was for.

What I wanna know is, what's your deal? If you were to bargain away your immortal soul, what would you want in return? Fame? Fortune? Supercool dance moves? (Right, like wishing for supercool dance moves wouldn't also bring you fame and fortune.)

So to enter to win one of three DEAD HARVEST prize packs, leave a comment on this post, telling me what your deal would be. If your comment isn't linked back to your blog/website/whatever, be sure to post your full name as well. The contest will be open from the second this post goes live to midnight on 6/28 (a week from now for those playing along at home.) Winners will be selected at random, so no pressure to be poignant/funny/smart/whatever, but if you post a particularly good one, I may well give you Twitter props. Feel free to enter as many times as you'd like, although when it comes time for the random drawing, I'll enter each person playing just the once. Check back 6/29 for the results.

So have at it, peeps, and try to keep it semi-respectable; this may not exactly be a family blog, but you'll get no bonus points for filth, and I reserve the right to delete comments deemed inappropriate.

Let the soul-bargaining begin!