Tuesday, March 06, 2007

I'm "Many More"!

EQMM recently posted online a partial list of the contents of the June issue (which features yours truly):

"A Vision in White" by Lawrence Block, "Heat of the Moment" by James Lincoln Warren, "The Angel of Manton Worthy" by Kate Ellis, "Lost and Found" by P. J. Parrish, and many more . . .

That's right – Lawrence freakin' Block. The man is an honest-to-God legend, and without a doubt my favorite living mystery writer. I'll tell you, I didn't mind being bumped from May to June before, but now? I could kiss each and every member of the EQMM editorial staff.

Too far? Yeah, probably. Guess I'll have do just dust off the old happy dance instead.

Oh, and incidentally, I considered "Me and Lawrence Block Between the Covers" as a title for this post, but I decided against it. I'd love to tell you that good taste prevailed, but really I just couldn't reconcile the "under the covers"/"between the sheets" mixed imagery.