An Overdue Update

Hey, guys! It's been a while. Seven months since my last post, to be exact—but, to be fair, it's been a nutty seven months.

You may notice I've updated my site since you last visited, with an eye toward greater compatibility and ease of navigation on a variety of devices.

If you're wondering where the sidebar (which features news, contact information, and links to social media, among other things) went, give the icon at the top-left of the home page a click.

My archives date back fifteen years, and as such, were plagued with link rot. If you happen across an old post that seems like it's missing a link, I probably excised it because it was nonfunctional.

"But Chris," you might be thinking, "that sounds like a preposterous waste of time! Shouldn't you be writing?"

To which I reply, "Oh, did I fail to mention? THE INSANELY AMBITIOUS SCIENTIFIC THRILLER THAT HAS CONSUMED MY EVERY WAKING HOUR FOR NEARLY FOUR YEARS IS FINALLY, GLORIOUSLY DONE. In fact, my first reader finished it a couple hours ago, and my agent is likely reading it as we speak."

Wanna know what it's called? What it's about? Too bad. I'm not telling yet.

I will say this, though: I'm pretty sure it rocks.