One of the most exciting and nerve-wracking stages in launching any book is seeking out blurbs. For me, this has never been more true than for THE KILLING KIND. I took a big swing when I wrote this book—aiming to make it the sort of smart, propulsive thriller I love to read—and I hoped like hell it'd connect.

We're still a ways from its September release date (heck, we don't even have proper ARCs yet), but my editor was kind enough to make a small batch of bound manuscripts to send out. All I had to do was reach out to some of my literary heroes—luminaries of the modern thriller all—and ask them if they'd be willing to take a peek.

To my great delight, most said yes. And this weekend, the first few blurbs came in. So, what's the verdict?
"Lean, brutal and riveting, Chris Holm’s THE KILLING KIND is the kind of novel you can’t put down but also want to savor. With sharply etched characters, knifelike twists and hardboiled energy to burn, it’s an utter winner, beginning to end."
-Megan Abbott, Edgar Award winning author of THE FEVER 
"Chris Holm loads an ingenious premise — an assassin who kills only other assassins — into a high-powered story that goes off like a rocket. His protagonist, Mike Hendricks, is an all-American anti-hero with his own code of justice, living on stolen time. THE KILLING KIND is sleek and smart, and will stay with you long after you've finished reading."
-Joseph Finder, New York Times bestselling author of THE FIXER 
"A high-octane, cat-and-mouse thrill ride, written with style and a flair for the spectacular. Chris Holm is a master storyteller, and THE KILLING KIND is his best work to date. Don’t miss it."
-Owen Laukkanen, Anthony, Barry, and Thriller Award nominated author of THE STOLEN ONES
Many thanks to Megan, Joe, and Owen for their kindness and generosity. The fact that I'm a huge fan of theirs makes these blurbs all the sweeter.