Thursday, January 17, 2013

Look, Ma, I'm a Bestseller!

Yesterday, Longfellow Books released their list of Top 100 Bestsellers of 2012, and I'm delighted to report DEAD HARVEST was on it, slotting in at #69. The stalkeriest amongst you might recall I had my DEAD HARVEST release party at Longfellow. They're a fantastic indie bookstore, well worth checking out, and I look forward to getting back there for another in the future... THE BIG REAP, perhaps?

And in other news, Owlcat Mountain published a lovely review of THE WRONG GOODBYE. Here's a taste (click through to read the rest):

"What I love about Holm’s Collector novels is that they avoid the most commonly used tropes in fantasy fiction... THE WRONG GOODBYE is a great novel, filled with adventure and a straightforward storytelling style that makes this book a real treat."

Many thanks to Longfellow and Owlcat Mountain both.