Wednesday, August 18, 2010

All shifty-like...

Hey, remember a while back when I mentioned I'd written a short called Green for the good folks (er, yard-hardened badasses) at Crime Factory? (If not, just smile and nod; it's not like I'll know the difference.) Anyways, in that post, I mentioned Green would be appearing in issue #4 of Crime Factory. Thing is, issue #4 hit the virtual stands a couple weeks back, and Green wasn't in it.

So what happened? Was it a case of crossed wires? An editorial slip-up? Or was it something more sinister, like maybe me and Rawson tossed back a couple and then had ourselves a knock-down, drag-out brawl over which Macdonald is the awesomest? (Ross beats John D. hands-down, and I'll fight any man among you who says otherwise. Unless than man is Matthew McBride. I mean seriously, have you seen that dude? I'd concede Dan Brown beats Ross Macdonald before I'd go toe-to-toe with him.)

Turns out, the answer is no to all three. In fact, the reason for my omission is pretty damn great. And today, I got the thumbs-up to tell y'all what it is.

See, Green is going to appear in Crime Factory's upcoming print anthology, Crime Factory: The First Shift, and I for-seriously couldn't be happier. Liam, Keith, Cameron and company've got a good thing going with their online magazine (if you haven't had the pleasure, check their archives here), cranking out issue after issue of kick-ass fiction, news, and reviews from the wrong side of the tracks. And now they've set their sights on sullying up the print world, too.

Who wouldn't want to be a part of that? (Not this guy. This guy's psyched. You know, unless Rawson starts talking shit about Ross Macdonald.)