A Chris Holm Grindhouse Double-Feature!

Today has been a good day. Nay, a great day. Not to mention an unprecedented day (for me, at least).

Today was a two-acceptance day.

I just received word that my short story "The Toll Collectors" has been accepted by Beat to a Pulp, and is scheduled to go live sometime in February. "The Toll Collectors" is a creepy little cross-genre crime/horror piece, and I couldn't be happier at where it ended up.

But wait—there's more!

I also received word that "The Well," a nasty little piece of horror flash that may well be the scariest thing I've ever written, is going to appear in Flashes in the Dark! When, you ask? Funny thing, that. It's also gonna go live sometime in February. Which means a big fat February double-feature of me.

Big thanks to David and Tony, the editors of BtaP and FitD, respectively. You two just made my day.