Thursday, January 31, 2008

Seven Kinds of Crazy

The 2007 Spinetingler Awards were just announced, and I'm absolutely stunned to report that Seven Days of Rain seems to have, um, won. Obviously, I couldn't be happier (in fact, I'm chair-dancing as we speak; it's hell on the typing, but great for strengthening one's core), and I'd like to take this opportunity to say the following:

Suck it, Ardai!

Okay, it goes without saying I'm so very fucking kidding. Ardai is a giant; The Leap is a hell of a story, and Songs of Innocence is without a doubt one of the best books of last year. Not to mention, the dude pretty much invented the internet, so given that the voting for the Spinetinglers was web-based, I think we can assume he's a pretty stand-up guy. Which is why he very likely won't squash me like a bug for taunting him. (Not personally, at least. I mean, he probably has people for that sort of thing.)

In all honesty, I didn't think I stood a chance in hell of winning. The field was stacked with quality stories, and I was honored to be included among them. Lest you think I'm just being kind, here they all are:

The Leap by Charles Ardai - Hardluck Stories
Breaking in the New Guy by Stephen Blackmoore - Demolition
Amphetamine Logic by Nathan Cain - Thuglit
The Switch by Lyman Feero -Thuglit
Shared Losses by Gerri Leen - Shred of Evidence
The Living Dead by Amra Pajalic - Spinetingler
Convivum by Kelli Stanley - Hardluck Stories

Go check 'em out. Seriously. Every one of them is fantastic, and besides, it's too late now to change your minds.

Thanks to all who voted for me (and all who voted period). Also, thanks to Bryon for choosing the story (not to mention putting up with all those pesky italics). And a very special thanks to Sandra, whose tireless goodwill is matched only by her prodigious talent. Sandra, you'll always be aces in my book...