"Holm did it again. THE WRONG GOODBYE is an amazing follow up to DEAD HARVEST, but stands surprisingly well on its own."
-A Fantastical Librarian

"Chris F. Holm is building an interesting world in this action packed run of books, with a fresh new spin on old icons. The first person narration by our body jumping protagonist is a quirky mix of black humour and wise cracks. Sam Thornton; our soul searching, soul collecting, eternally damned hero could soon be the main character on a hit TV show (think Dexter meets True Blood)... so get reading!"
-Blurb Hack

"THE WRONG GOODBYE is a fantastic read... Buy, borrow, but don’t steal it or you could end up like Sam!"
-Book Chick City

"An undead agent of Hell? Relatable to the reader? As written by Chris F. Holm? You bet."
-Crimespree Magazine

"...a cross-country fantastical crime spree that fans of Neil Gaiman’s AMERICAN GODS and the TV show Supernatural will likely enjoy... If you even think you’d like urban fantasy, paranormal mystery, fantastical noir, or ‘cool book with hip cover,’ you should give Sam a shot."
-Criminal Element

"...this series is only getting stronger."
-Every Read Thing

"THE WRONG GOODBYE is witty, dark and action-driven with dialogue that captivates and provides a story just as compelling as in the first book."
-Fantasy Book Review

"Another fine example of supernatural-noir..."
-Fantasy Literature

"THE WRONG GOODBYE is an unrestrained joyride that will leave you breathless by the time you are done."
-The Founding Fields

"While there are many urban fantasies out their today dealing with angels and demons, very few are as unique and fascinating as the world Holm has created... This series is breathing fresh new life into an Urban Fantasy trope that I never even realized it desperately needed. If you were a fan of the wild, action filled DEAD HARVEST, then you will delight in the next steps the story takes in THE WRONG GOODBYE."
-The Guilded Earlobe

"...very good, page-turning fiction. One might think she knows where all of this is heading, but one might be wrong. Or not. Either way, very enjoyable."
-Kate Sherrod, Kate of Mind

" THE WRONG GOODBYE, Chris F. Holm really brings the awesome... The action is pretty much nonstop, yet somehow the author managed to balance that with laugh out loud and terrifying moments in equal measure... If the author keeps this up, he’ll be giving some of the big UF names a run for their money, very, very soon. If you haven’t discovered this series yet, you’re in for a wonderful ride!"
-My Bookish Ways

"...THE WRONG GOODBYE is tight, well-paced, and did a great job of building on the events of the first book..."
-Joe Myers

 "Holm’s sophomore effort proves that he’s no one-hit wonder, but rather a true contender. The author’s amazing talent for writing and limitless genius for storytelling guarantees readers a wild ride..."
-The New York Journal of Books

"What I love about Holm’s Collector novels is that they avoid the most commonly used tropes in fantasy fiction... THE WRONG GOODBYE is a great novel, filled with adventure and a straightforward storytelling style that makes this book a real treat."
-Owlcat Mountain

"This action packed novel will keep you reading late into the night and provide hours of entertainment. An irresistible treat for all the urban fantasy fans out there."
-Paperless Reading

"There’s true grit in Holm’s noir – he’s not pulling punches. Rating: 5 out of 5. I hope we have Sam Thornton with us for a long time, to set in the pantheon next to Harry Dresden and John Taylor."
-Raging Biblioholism

"A strong urban fantasy that will cement Holm’s reputation in the field."
-Sci-Fi Bulletin

"What a wild ride Chris F. Holm’s The Collector series has been so far... Holm expands on the rich universe of demon mythology of the first book, incorporating Biblical era stories and characters into his fiction in a very entertaining way."

"I giggled, I was uncomfortable, I gasped (in what I hope were all the appropriate places) and I turned the last page (figuratively, dur – it’s an ebook, don’t you know me by now?) with a slight feeling of sadness. I started 3 other books yesterday after finishing this one, and not one of them was able to hold my attention. It’s kind of win:lose – I loved this, but now nothing else seems to be worth reading. 4.7 [of 5] stars."

"With the second Collector novel, Holm both expands and enriches the world he so vividly created in DEAD HARVEST... highly recommended."
-Unsquare Dance

"Two books in, and so far the Collector series hits plenty of high notes. These books are a lot of fun, very well plotted and expertly paced. They’re a great addition to the Angry Robot family of books, and they’ll make a great addition to your library."

"Holm set the world on fire with DEAD HARVEST, and now he absolutely burns it to the ground with THE WRONG GOODBYE."
-Elizabeth A. White