Saturday, February 04, 2017

Give a Little, Get a Little

Fair warning: This is a political post. If you enjoy my writing but have no interest in engaging with me on that level, kindly navigate away.

If you're still reading because you're not yet sure which way I lean politically, take a moment to peruse my Twitter feed. If you and I aren't ideologically aligned, kindly navigate away, and feel free to direct any all-caps rants about how you plan to return, throw out, or burn my books to idontcare[at]nofucksgiven[dot]com.

Still with me? Cool. Sorry about the run-around; it saves me the trouble of trying to explain in polite terms why it's a bad thing that a misogynistic, bankruptcy-addicted Twitter troll with links to Russia and white supremacy organizations is sitting in the Oval Office. Instead, let's skip ahead to the part where you help me do something about it and, in return, I give you a signed book.

The deal is this. I've got ten first-edition hardcover copies of my Anthony Award winning thriller, THE KILLING KIND, to give away. Want one? Here's what you have to do:
FIRST, drop me a line at chris[at]chrisholmbooks[dot]com to let me know. I'll reply to confirm your place in line (I'm giving them away first-come, first-served) and sort out address/inscription details*.
SECOND, donate a minimum of $25 to either the ACLU, the NRDC, or Planned Parenthood. Please consider giving more if you're able (I did), or donating to multiple organizations (I did), but understand that I can only give away one book per person. 
THIRD, send me a screen-capture or a forward of your receipt. Receipts must be dated February 4th or later.
FOURTH, there is no fourth, unless you count finding a personalized hardcover in your mailbox and feeling awesome for supporting the resistance.
*I'm more than happy to make the book out to you or whomever you'd like. I'm also happy to entertain specific personalization suggestions, within reason**.

**Please note that my definition of "within reason" grows broader the more you elect to donate. If you want me to claim that I based Michael Hendricks on you, call you the wind beneath my wings, or wax rhapsodic about that long weekend we spent together in the Swiss Alps, I'll consider it... for a price.