Monday, September 14, 2015

More KIND Reviews

The official release date of THE KILLING KIND is just hours away, and I'm happy to bring news of two new reviews!

John Valeri of the Hartford Books Examiner took a peek at THE KILLING KIND—as well as Michael Koryta's LAST WORDS (which, I can attest, is a spectacular read) and James Patterson's 14TH DEADLY SIN—and declared it "an intelligent and droll shot of adrenaline that aims high and more than makes the mark."

Rob Taub at Huffington Post gave THE KILLING KIND a gander, too, and had this to say: "Holm takes a one note premise and pulls the reader in with beautiful narrative and excellent pacing... If a movie deal hasn't been made, I'm sure there's one in the works."

Many thanks to John and Rob. And Rob, from your lips to Hollywood's ears...