Friday, September 11, 2015

Clue(do), Papa, and The Humpty Dance

My Nefarious Internet Promotion Machine (TM) is kicking into high gear as THE KILLING KIND's release nears, so prepare to see a whole lot more of yours truly in your feed for the next few weeks.

Today, I'm at Crime Files, talking Clue, The Humpty Dance, and presumably also about my new book a little bit. A heads-up for my American readers: Crime Files is a UK site, and those wily imperialists insisted upon colonizing my words with superfluous U's. Also, they spell "Clue" wrong. YES, I KNOW THE LANGUAGE IS NAMED AFTER THEM.

You'll also find me at the lovely and talented Elizabeth A. White's blog, talking about my grandfather, who instilled in me my love of crime fiction. Elizabeth, as near as I can tell, has quite sensible views on the usage and placement of U's.