Saturday, September 26, 2015

Breakfast Links

Another morning, another quick link update.

THE KILLING KIND got a nice mention in the Toronto Star alongside the latest from Lee Child, Hakan Ostlundh, and my pal John McFetridge. They called the book "freewheeling" and "inventive and specific in its ferocity." I'll take it.

The UK crime-fic site Crime Review took a peek at THE KILLING KIND, too, declaring it "a fast, hard-edged thriller that doesn’t pull its punches."

And finally, I took part in the #30Authors blog event this year, in which thirty authors each write a guest-post on a book blog recommending a novel. I chose Stuart Neville's excellent THOSE WE LEFT BEHIND. Today, at Fourth Street Review, that post went live. Many thanks, Rory, for lending me the blog space!