Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Raging Biblioholism Reviews THE KILLING KIND

Launching a new series is a nerve-wracking affair—doubly so when you're also hopping genres. I'd like to think Sam Thornton and Michael Hendricks are kindred spirits, but the question remains: will fans of my Collector books follow me from the fantastical into a life of crime?

I'm happy to say that—for Drew of Raging Biblioholism, at least—the answer appears to be yes. Drew's been a supporter of my books from the get-go, so I'm delighted THE KILLING KIND lived up to his expectations. Here's a taste of what he had to say (click through to read the full review):
"Each domino falls exactly when it’s supposed to and the thrill of the book is watching one topple onto the next... this Holm guy has something special."
Many thanks, Drew! And fear not: while Hendricks's story will remain solidly in the material realm, I'm not turning my back on my weird-fic roots. I suspect you'll see more otherworldly tales out of me before too long.