Sunday, May 31, 2015

Post-BEA Rundown

As I write this, it's a rainy Sunday in southern Maine, which is proving the perfect antidote to the utter insanity of my first Book Expo America.

Don't get me wrong; I had a blast. I got to hang out with the fine folks of The Gernert Company and Little, Brown/Mulholland Books—who are, if possible, even more brilliant and charming in person than they are by phone and email. I met loads of booksellers, librarians, bloggers, writers, and reviewers, some of whom have supported my books from the very beginning. I signed tons of books (my publisher brought more than 500 advance copies, and we gave away every damn one of 'em) and got great feedback from friends and fans both old and new. (Thanks to everyone who waited in line, and apologies for those who left bookless because we ran out!) And I managed to get through my panel without geeking out too hard on any of my fellow panelists—no minor feat when you're chatting with the likes of Jeff Abbott, Michael Koryta, Brad Meltzer, Douglas Preston, and Lincoln Child. (Okay, maybe I geeked out on them a little backstage beforehand.)

I tossed back beers at the bar in the Village where Dylan Thomas drank himself to death, wine on a rooftop deck overlooking Midtown Manhattan, and pisco sours at a Peruvian joint with old friends. And, uh, yet more beers at The Pony Bar in Hell's Kitchen, including a delicious DIPA called Superfuckingyawn that was anything but. (What? The men and women of the writing world are a drinky lot. Just ask Dylan Thomas.)

Since words can hardly do justice to the bizarre whirlwind of the past few days (which, for the record, began on the flight to New York, which my wife Katrina and I inexplicably shared with our congresswoman and one of our senators, both of whom proved lovely company), here are some pictures that'll give you an idea of what it was like. I never manage to snap any pics myself, so some of these are shamelessly (and, quite possibly, illegally) stolen from friends on social media. (Credits in the captions.)
Brad Meltzer's billboard outside the Javits beckons the bookish. (Photo: Katrina Niidas Holm)
Lee Child lords above the crowd, daring them to make him... what? (Photo: Katrina Niidas Holm)
My cover graces the lightbox at the Hachette booth. (Photo: Mulholland Books)
A pyramid of THE KILLING KIND, ripe for giving away. (Photo: Mulholland Books)
A glimpse of the line at my first signing of the day, the fantastic Sabrina Callahan beside me. (Photo: Katrina Niidas Holm)
Signing books and hanging with Editorial Director of Mulholland Books, Josh Kendall. (Photo: Katrina Niidas Holm)
L-R: Jeff Abbott, Brad Meltzer, yours truly, Michael Koryta, Douglas Preston, Lincoln Child. (Photo: Katrina Niidas Holm)
Me, Andrew Gross, and Hank Phillippi Ryan signing at the MWA table. (Photo: Hank Phillippi Ryan)
Signing a book for Tracey Maknis of The Qwillery. (Photo: Tracey Maknis)
Dave White and I receiving the famed Alex Segura point. (Photo: Alex Segura)
Katrina and I, a couple pisco sours in with Hilary Davidson and her husband Dan. (Photo: Hilary Davidson, by way of one very chatty waiter)
The view of Midtown Manhattan from our hotel's rooftop deck. (Photo: Katrina Niidas Holm)