Saturday, February 28, 2015

Maine Crime Wave 2015

Last year's inaugural Maine Crime Wave proved a huge success. I'm happy to report that it's back for a second year, and this year's program is even more ambitious than last!

The festivities kick off on Friday, April 10 at the Portland Public Library with Two Minutes in the Slammer. Attendees are invited to read a short passage of their own work (!), and the best readings will earn an award from the crack team of judges. (This is a truly one-of-a-kind event, and I would have killed to participate when I was starting out.) Then, anyone who wants can grab dinner/drinks out with one of Maine Crime Wave's featured writers (including yours truly.) Anyone who'd like to participate in the reading or one of the dinners can RSVP here.

Then, on Saturday, April 11, join me, Kate Flora, Paul Doiron, Gerry Boyle, Barbara Ross, and many more at the University of Southern Maine's Glickman Library in Portland for a day of panels, workshops, and critiques. I'll be participating in a panel on the business of writing, as well as leading one of the four hourlong workshops. The workshops are included in the registration fee, and the schedule is set up such that every registrant will have the opportunity to attend two of them. I went to Julia Spencer-Fleming's last year, and it was terrific. Here's the details for mine:
How to Play Fair with Your Mystery and Still Ratchet Up the Suspense 
Thomas Hood once said, “The easiest reading is damned hard writing,” and never is that truer than in crime fiction. Whether you’re penning a cozy mystery or a race-against-time thriller, it’s your job to dole out clues, stage reveals, and manage the pace such that an audience steeped in the genre’s conventions is kept guessing—and frantically turning pages—right up until the very end. This workshop aims to stock your toolbox with tips, tricks, and techniques to craft an exciting, unpredictable tale that hangs together well and keeps even the savviest crime fic fan reading into the wee hours.
If you're interested in attending, click through for details and registration information. And if you're on the fence, perhaps you'll be swayed by Portland's unparalleled food scene, our wealth of tasty beer, or the offerings of our stellar craft distillers. Hope to see you there!