Saturday, March 15, 2014

Left Coast Crime Schedule

Folks, Left Coast Crime is soon upon us, and I for one am psyched*. If you'll also be in Monterey March 20-23, here's where you can find me:

FRIDAY 10:15-11:00
Don’t Kill the Messenger: Reviewers Discuss Mysteries**
Ted Hertel (Moderator)
Jordan Foster 
Terry Jacobsen
Maggie Mason
Katrina Niidas Holm

SATURDAY 11:30-12:15
Pulp Fiction & Beyond: Very Untraditional Mysteries
Juliet Blackwell (Moderator)
Dale Berry
Chris F. Holm
Richard Kadrey
Gary Phillips

I'll also be co-hosting a table at the awards banquet Saturday evening with my good friend Sara J. Henry, so if you plan on attending, we'd love to have you at our table. We'll hang out, eat some tasty food, and send you on your way with snazzy freebies.

And I'm always happy to grab a drink at the bar***, or chat pretty much wherever****, so if you see me and feel like saying hello, please feel free.

*To escape the frozen hellscape that is the Northeast. And for my first trip to California. And also for the con.

**Okay, fine, I'm not on this panel, but my lovely wife is, so I'll be front and center cheering her on.

***Although I reserve the right for said drink to be nonalcoholic/heavily caffeinated, depending on time, mood, and level of jet-lag/sleep deprivation.

****Restrooms excluded.