Monday, January 06, 2014

Crimespree and Founding Fields Best Ofs

I'm delighted to report the Collector series continues to rack up the year-end love, well into the new year! First off, Milo of The Founding Fields listed THE BIG REAP among his Top 25 Books of 2013. And second through fourth, the Collector series made three appearances on Crimespree Magazine's staff favorites list! Dan Malmon chose THE BIG REAP as one of his faves; Erica Ruth Neubauer picked DEAD HARVEST; and okay the third nod came from Katrina Niidas Holm to whom I may or may not be married. But still. That's a guarantee she's biased, not a guarantee she's biased in my favor.

Many thanks to Milo, Dan, Erica, and Katrina.