Monday, August 26, 2013

Post-Con Catchup

This past weekend at Killer Nashville was a whirlwind tour of food, fun, and friends both old and new, with a little book-work thrown in for good measure. I managed to cram in three panels, a podcast, and more writer-nerd hallway conversations than you could shake a red pen at. To all I met/talked/broke bread/shared panels with, it was truly my pleasure.

And as an added bonus, THE WRONG GOODBYE was a finalist for Killer Nashville's Silver Falchion Award, alongside works by such talented authors as Hilary Davidson, Molly McCrae, and Sara Henry! In the end, Sara took home the prize, but we'll try not to hold that against her.

As I make my way, dazed and confused, back to the real world, I've got a couple links to catch up on from the Land of Me. First up is Gef Fox's review of THE BIG REAP. Here's a taste:

And Brandon Sears has posted reviews of both my short collections, 8 POUNDS and DEAD LETTERS, at Shelf Inflicted. See what he thought about 'em here.