Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Five Foxy Things

Forgive the brevity of this post, y'all, but I'm either in the throes of an epic allergy-induced sinus headache, or one of you is trying to pop my melon Scanners-style (in which case STOP IT)(ow I should not have shouted that).

Today, I'm talking five movies that inspired THE BIG REAP over at Crimespree. And a couple days back, Gef Fox took a peek at THE WRONG GOODBYE. Here's a glimpse of what he had to say:

"The blend of hard-boiled mystery and high-octane fantasy make THE WRONG GOODBYE a tremendous novel that surpasses DEAD HARVEST and sets a pretty high bar for the third book in the series, THE BIG REAP. If you like urban fantasy with touches of noir and pugnacity, you really need to check this series out."

Pugnacity. I like that. Thanks, Gef!