Friday, August 09, 2013

Feeling the Love

One of my favorite sites for all things pop culture is The A.V. Club. They're a daily read for me, on account of their killer coverage of books, movies, music, and TV. So imagine my surprise when I woke up today to discover I got name-dropped in the latest installment of their weekly AVQ&A feature.

The question posed to their staff today was this: "What book or series of books should be made into a TV show?" And here's what Jason Heller (a kickass fantasy writer and Hugo-nominated editor in his own right) had to say:

"Chris F. Holm’s series The Collector—comprising Dead Harvest, The Wrong Goodbye, and The Big Reap—is something I’d love to see come to the small screen. [...] Technically it’s urban fantasy, but Holm has a great ear for crime-fiction grit and rich yet dialed-in prose. And Thornton is one of the most quietly gripping characters I’ve run across in a long time."

In other news of interwebby kindness, Scott Montgomery of Austin's BookPeople featured me on their MysteryPeople blog today, saying "Chris is a stand out among the new crop of rising crime fiction writers. His mix of hard boiled, humor, and poignant heart that you wouldn’t think would come out of the stories he’s telling set him apart."

Thanks to Jason and Scott both!