Saturday, March 02, 2013

To hell with secret ballots...

Well, fellow B'con attendees, the time is upon us to make our nominations for this year's Anthony ballot. And while I can't speak to whether anything I've penned is deserving, I can at least tell you what I've written that's eligible, and for what category.

Best First Novel
DEAD HARVEST (Angry Robot Books, February 2012)

Best Paperback Original
THE WRONG GOODBYE (Angry Robot Books, September 2012)

Best Short Story
"The Putdown" (Grift Magazine, March 2012)
"Not Forgotten" (SHOTGUN HONEY PRESENTS: BOTH BARRELS, October 2012)
"The Great Plains" (MURDER AND MAYHEM IN MUSKEGO, November 2012)

 But it's a whole big world out there, folks, and I'm far from the only game in town. Those of you with ballots are allowed to nominate up to five works each in a variety of categories, provided those works came out in 2012. And since it's tough to keep track of what books/stories/whatever are eligible for a given category, I'm throwing open the comments section for fans and writers to put their recommendations (and/or their own stuff) out there. Just be sure to include the category for which the work is eligible. The complete list of categories is as follows:

Best Novel (hardcover book)
Best First Novel (debut book, either hardcover or paperback original)
Best Paperback Original (first published as trade or mass market paperback)
Best Short Story
Best Critical Nonfiction Work

So have at it! Toss out some suggestions!