Friday, March 08, 2013

Short Post, Long Tail

Looking at my calendar, I realize today marks one year exactly since my launch party for DEAD HARVEST. And my, what a year it's been. These past twelve months have been so action-packed, in fact, it seems like a lifetime's passed, which is why I'm psyched (and a teeny tiny bit surprised) to see folks are still finding their way to my humble little series debut.

The latest review for DEAD HARVEST comes courtesy of writer/reviewer/bookseller Josh Cook, who, at his blog In Order of Importance, declares the book "Like the good Die Hard. With demons." (Welcome to the party, pal!)

And in other DEAD HARVEST news, author Erik Arneson declares it one of his Favorite Five Books of 2012. High praise, indeed, when one considers the caliber of the other four.

So thanks to Josh and Erik both, and thanks to all of y'all for making this past year one to remember. Fingers crossed there's plenty more kickassery ahead.