Sunday, February 10, 2013

DEAD LETTERS gets its first review!

SJ over at Snobbery was kind enough to take a look at my new short story collection, DEAD LETTERS. Here's a taste (click through to read the rest):

"As with the rest of his work, this author is quite adept at blending the humorous with the horrific, and nearly everything in between... I’ve had a hard time picking a favorite, or even one that I’d tell you all you HAD TO READ RIGHT NOW, ZOMG! because really… I just want to recommend them all."

Thanks, SJ, for the kind words! For those who'd like to check out DEAD LETTERS, it's currently available for Kindle (and Kindle UK, not to mention everywhere else Amazon peddles their wares.) I hope to have it up in other formats in the weeks to come.