Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Still Feeling the Love in 2013

It's cold. And early. And, much as I would like to continue with my forced-editing-march through THE BIG REAP*, the day job beckons. So I'll keep this short. But good news is good news, regardless of hour or temperature. With that in mind...

Bane of Kings released his list of the 25 Best Books of 2012, and THE WRONG GOODBYE came in at #10!

Also, aggregated the Top Fantasy Books of 2012 as determined by average review, and DEAD HARVEST clocks in at #14!

And finally, the folks at Black Gate were kind enough to feature DEAD HARVEST in their recurring New Treasures post, so a hat-tip to them as well.

Thanks, all. Now, off to work for me.

*Note: This was not sarcasm. Forced-editing-marches may not sound like fun to you, but right this sec, there is literally nothing I would rather be doing. Yes, I know it's weird.