Friday, December 21, 2012

Three New Best-Ofs!

Wow. What a morning. I awoke to a veritable apocalypse of good book cheer.

First off, Grift Magazine went live with their Favorite Reads of 2012, and DEAD HARVEST is on it! And my oh my, what a list it is. Here's a taste of what editor John Kenyon had to say about me (click through to see the whole list, which you should totally do, because it's amazing):

"Holm is a pure storyteller, and his story of Sam Thornton, a soul collector for the dark side, is a compelling tale that puts an otherworldly twist on crime fiction. The follow-up, THE WRONG GOODBYE, is another gem."

Also, Barnes and Noble's Ransom Notes blog selected DEAD HARVEST as one of their Favorite Debuts of 2012! Check it (click through to see the rest of the list, and then buy them all, because dude):

"Holm is a master of pacing and balancing of horror, humor and heart, and The Collector is one of the most engaging series protagonists to come around in a while."

And last but not least, ace author Stephen Blackmoore, whose CITY OF THE LOST is one of my favorite releases of this year (and whose DEAD THINGS, which na-na-na-na-na-naahhh I've already read, is set to be one of my faves of next), also put up a Best of 2012 list on which DEAD HARVEST is included! Here's what he had to say (once again, click through or else):

"This book mixes a hard-boiled detective story with the machinations between Heaven and Hell with this poor schmuck caught in the middle. Extraordinary book. You should buy it and everything Holm has written."

So there you have it. Three lists in one day, placing me alongside the likes of Megan Abbott, Peter Farris, Frank Wheeler, Johnny Shaw, Craig McDonald, Stephen Blackmoore, Joe Landsdale, and Dennis Lehane, just to name a few. I am both honored and humbled. If this is the end of the world as we know it, I'll tell you: I feel fine.