Sunday, December 30, 2012

I think this makes me an honorary member of Sleater-Kinney...

Adam Christopher, ace author of the wildly ambitious and critically lauded EMPIRE STATE (and also all-around nice fellow and great geek-entertainment conversationalist on Twitter) put together a list of his Favourite Things of 2012 (the "u" is his, obviously), and DEAD HARVEST is on it! I'm honored to've made such a fine list, featuring fellow authors Stephen Blackmoore, Owen Laukkanen, Greg Rucka, and John Hornor Jacobs, and some great music and televisual picks as well! (Punk-geek side note: this is likely the first and last time I ever hit the same best-of list as Corin Tucker.)

And Abhinav Jain of Angels of Retribution, who recently named DEAD HARVEST one of his Best Debuts of 2012, has just released his Best of the Best list, on which THE WRONG GOODBYE earns an honorable mention nod for Best Novel.

Thanks, Adam and Abhinav, for the kind mentions.