Monday, October 08, 2012

Bouchercon 2012

What can I say? It was a blast. A joy. A wild book- and booze-soaked pinball game in which I bounced off countless smart and talented folks (only occasionally literally), only to find myself back home later exhausted, delighted, and a tad melancholy at the thought I won't see most of them again for quite some time.

This is the part where most folks would throw out a list of names, but I'm not gonna take the liner-notes approach today. For one, they're all so much cooler than I, it'd no doubt look like name-dropping. For two, I'd doubtless forget someone, and feel like a heel. And for three, even if I blanked on half the awesome people I encountered in my B'con travels, that list would make for the longest post I've ever written, and prove boring as sin for anyone who wasn't there to read.

So instead, let me say this. Thanks to friends both old and new. Thanks to everyone who attended my panel (or my lovely wife's), and double-thanks if you asked questions, or took the time to comment afterward. Thanks also to my fans, which I'm shocked and delighted to discover I have. And to the many, many folks who were kind enough to pick up copies of my novels in the book room (I hear tell they sold out!), happy reading; I hope you like them.

Finally, to those who've never had the pleasure of attending a crime-fic con but are considering it, let me say this: BY GOD GO. The mystery community is, quite simply, the finest group of people I've ever had the pleasure of knowing. They are my tribe. My family. And if you think you might be one of us, guess what? You already are.

See you all in Albany. (And some of you in Quebec. And in Muskego.)