Friday, September 07, 2012

When it rains...

Two posts in one day? Madness, I say! But it seems the day is flush with news 'o me. In addition to the Friday Reads/Crimespree contest I mentioned this morning, allow me to point thee toward these sundry other Collector-centric pleasures:

First off, Erin Mitchell was kind enough to review DEAD HARVEST, and had this to say:

"Because I knew author Chris Holm’s short stories, I knew already that he is a talented storyteller. If I’m honest, though, I underestimated his power to create characters and worlds that are as compelling as the one we find in DEAD HARVEST."

Benoit Lelievre takes a peek at DEAD HARVEST, too, and said:

"Chris F. Holm's pen reminds me of Stephen King's. Take note, fans of the legendary writer, you may have found a new champion in Holm... If you're shopping for a hot new series, look no further."

Finally, my main character himself, undead soul collector Sam Thornton, sat down with Erin for an interview, and thankfully she lived to tell the tale. You can read the result here.